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Chicken at Chickboy

Here's a chicken from Chickboy... just stare

Writing to Earn

One of my sidelines(or I sometimes consider as a hobby) is doing write-ups and earning from them. I don't earn that much since I'm not a full time freelance writer. But somehow it also helps me and I learn a lot from it.
My highest source of earning is from squidoo, a site that lets create a page with topic and write anything interesting on that page.

If you'd like to see more of the sites I've joined, just visit the Earn Money section just on the menu. At first you will be visited by a adfly site but just skip it.

Noisy Neighborhood

It's midnight and I could hear the neighborhood having a party just a few walks ahead. Here in the Philippines one of the most favorite things people do during a party, aside from drinking, is singing on a karaoke.

Although it may seem fun, it would still sound inconsiderate(especially when they sing with a lousy voice), and you can't sleep because of the noise. Voices shouting while an awful (and ugly perhaps) voice is singing.

Call the police? Yeah right, they might even laugh at you. Here in the Philippines, we have a little justice problem. Or perhaps the police don't bother complains like these unless it's a serious case like robbery or some crime.

Yeah I understand it is fun and I don't want to kill anybody's joy, but they could have rented a karaoke or maybe done it on a bar instead. I mean at least you're not disturbing anybody who is trying to sleep. It may seem expensive but at least it's just a little expense in compared to the food,drinks, …

Getting Rid of Clutter/ Adding new stuffs

I've just gotten rid of the blogger toolbar from on of my blog. I just noticed there is an increasing amount of visitors so I decided to remove some clutter like pop-up ads, and the top bar which is only useful for google and blogger users.

Still I've added some widgets like that crazy flying twitter bird and an updated wibiya toolbar. I hope it goes well

Where my old articles go..

Whenever an article I post in a website gets removed(mostly because it gets out of date, not anymore visited, or might have come short to the standards of a website), I transfer them to a different location. I created a blog called The Archive corner. It is the archive blog of my old works, since I feel that some information in those write-ups might come in handy someday.

Anything but Recaptcha

Whenever I fill up some forms, I am just one of those who easily get annoyed from Google ReCaptcha. I guess a lot of people also get annoyed from this. Before you can submit, you should be able to identify the two words indicated. Things get worse if you press enter and still you made a wrong guess. Sometimes the text also get a little cryptic like when other symbols (like Greek words or words you don't find in the dictionary appear). It used to be Captcha, guessing only one word until spambots seem to have outsmarted captchas to that's where ReCaptcha was made

But despite that I don't like it, I still manage to use it since it helped me block some spam users from signing up and sending comments to my website with the help of akismet anti-spam plugin.

But anyway that's a little guessing game to ensure your safety as well. And I guess it would be annoying if something else should be guessed.

Now I'm just kidding about the complex math problem, although there is als…

Bad Decisions and Regrets

I often get bothered from the decisions I made in the past especially those which seem to be bad. Although I know that I should get over with them since I know I should not live on regrets, I am still bothered because of the current situations I am facing now.

Ok so what's that stuff that been bothering me? That's a bit personal matter for me to discuss but since I love you even though I do not know you because you're taking your time in reading this like no other, alright you can have my story.

These past days, I am missing some of the things I`ve enjoyed on my previous work. Though difficult and challenging I am still enjoying it since I do it as a team with my college friends and colleagues.

Those fun trips. Arguing about some project related solutions, going out to see places, doing overnight projects though stressful yet that was kinda fun, competing on (in a playful matter), learning new things together...

Yeah those were the days,

These were the things I'm n…

Googled Thoughts: You can't please everyone

You can't please everyone,
and you can't make everyone like you.

Stop wasting your time
on people who don't love you

If people are trying to bring you down,
It only means you are above them.

Life isn't about finding yourself,
Life is about creating yourself.

You can do what makes you happy,
and and just hope that those around will be happy for you.

Once you learn how to be happy,
you won't tolerate being around people
that makes you feel anything less.

You can't please everyone,
and that's a fact