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Blogger Theme Improvements

I have to admit, I'm impressed with the new blogger templates. These are Contempo, Soho, Emporio, and Notable. As observed, they are now following today's web standards which is using responsive layout. Back then if you would use the old blogger themes, you would be redirected to a mobile site instead, a standard approach to improve website performance back then. But since it is 2017 and most online surfers are using either high solution computers or smartphones, I think it's more applicable to use responsive themes.

A problem with these new themes is that some of the gadgets you put in the layout might not work except for the basic built in ones such as profile, Google adsense, archive, etc. Best way as of now to manage the gadgets is via customize theme. But if you still miss the old layout you can always use the classic themes as they are still there in the theme selection

As of now I am using the Contempo theme as it is simply a one-column blog. Other themes are still…