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Who am I?

One of the first things I would like to post in my blog is something about
myself. Allow me to introduce my self, My name is Jereme, (pronounced
as jerem) I am a Filipino born in Dubai,
UAE. But I presently live here in the Philippines. The
location is
somewhere in Manila, or something like that. Right now I
am turning 19 on January 2008. I hope I could eat more birthday
spaghetti on that day. I am in college right now, at my third year,
taking up
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology in the
University of the Philippines Taguig Branch, a state university. And a
very unfortunate irregular student.
When it comes to my interests, I like
reading. Yes, I like reading books especially if it is science fiction,
Adventure, thriller, or anything interesting. I also like writing.
Whether it is writing poems, essays, or any literary stuff, I make it
one of my hobbies. Listening to music is also a good hobby for me. I
enjoy listening to Classic Rock, Jazz, acoustics, or anything pleasant
to the…