Writing to Earn

One of my sidelines(or I sometimes consider as a hobby) is doing write-ups and earning from them. I don't earn that much since I'm not a full time freelance writer. But somehow it also helps me and I learn a lot from it.

My highest source of earning is from squidoo, a site that lets create a page with topic and write anything interesting on that page.

If you'd like to see more of the sites I've joined, just visit the Earn Money section just on the menu. At first you will be visited by a adfly site but just skip it.


Jethro Sas said…
Hello friend,

I would like to inform you that Squidoo will be taking down this October so you'd better take all your articles/lenses with you and publish them into your own blog or other similar site like Hubpages.

Keep earning! :)

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