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The Donkey Cart by S.T Hwang

This is a copy of the short story by S.T Hwang and it is posted for educational purposes. I will be making a separate blog for stories some time later. 

You can also read the Synopsis here

At twenty-five I was a teacher in a small town in the Northwest China. The town was sparsely populated and, being so remote, lacked modern means of communication. In the evenings the wolves howled in the nearby hills and occasionally entered the town in quest of prey.

I spent only one year there and, being unable to endure the isolation, packed my bags when the summer holidays arrived and prepared to return home.

A traveler had to take a donkey cart to the nearest railhead, some twenty-five miles away. On arriving at the departure point in the center of the town, I found that all the carts, being mostly engaged in carrying local products, had left. I began to despair.
“Sir,” a sibilant whisper came from a boy whom I knew slightly (he was from the tiny Moslem restaurant, “all the carts have gone out in…

New Website Plan

Hi, I'm planning to launch my new website. It will be a blog site on programming which will contain tutorials, forums, etc... It's being hosted now and I'm trying to prepare it's contents, as well as the rules for the members.
I'm also thinking of the name since most of the dot com names are being occupied by domain squatters who don't even use the domain name. Hope this would be successful.