Noisy Neighborhood

It's midnight and I could hear the neighborhood having a party just a few walks ahead. Here in the Philippines one of the most favorite things people do during a party, aside from drinking, is singing on a karaoke.

Although it may seem fun, it would still sound inconsiderate(especially when they sing with a lousy voice), and you can't sleep because of the noise. Voices shouting while an awful (and ugly perhaps) voice is singing.

Call the police? Yeah right, they might even laugh at you. Here in the Philippines, we have a little justice problem. Or perhaps the police don't bother complains like these unless it's a serious case like robbery or some crime.

Yeah I understand it is fun and I don't want to kill anybody's joy, but they could have rented a karaoke or maybe done it on a bar instead. I mean at least you're not disturbing anybody who is trying to sleep. It may seem expensive but at least it's just a little expense in compared to the food,drinks, and electric consumption as well to visitors.

Sometimes I really don't understand people these days. As if majority of people living here are sick. But anyways I can't do any action because if I do people would take you seriously and might spread some gossips or think bad things of you.

Oh well, in case you're planning to have a noisy party maybe you should reconsider inviting the nearby neighborhood. Or maybe do it outside so you don't cause any damage.. or perhaps if you can't really celebrate outdoors, make sure to lower down your volume.


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