Bad Decisions and Regrets

I often get bothered from the decisions I made in the past especially those which seem to be bad. Although I know that I should get over with them since I know I should not live on regrets, I am still bothered because of the current situations I am facing now.

Ok so what's that stuff that been bothering me? That's a bit personal matter for me to discuss but since I love you even though I do not know you because you're taking your time in reading this like no other, alright you can have my story.

These past days, I am missing some of the things I`ve enjoyed on my previous work. Though difficult and challenging I am still enjoying it since I do it as a team with my college friends and colleagues.

Those fun trips. Arguing about some project related solutions, going out to see places, doing overnight projects though stressful yet that was kinda fun, competing on (in a playful matter), learning new things together...

Yeah those were the days,

These were the things I'm no longer doing or perhaps won’t be doing anymore. I guess I haven't forseen this current situation before I left and transferred to a new work. But as they, say life goes on. This probably is a learning point in my life and an opportunity to grow as well. To meet new friends and develop some skills I don't have yet.

A friend of mine told me once before, never regret something you did in the past, no matter how bad they were, they make you as a person you are right now.

For those whom might have been part of that story before, just in case you are reading now, all I could say is sorry and thanks for the happy moments at my first job.

But I don't feel any bad. I know I shouldn't be sad because at some point I've learned a lot from that. Well I guess giving up is worse than a bad decision.

Even though I'm not in a good situation now, I believe that whatever decision I choose, though may end up with bad results, I know that it will pass. And all of these memories will be a learning point whenever I end up making choices for the next chapters of my career and life.

“Never look back unless you are planning to go that way.” 

Ah yes smartphones, a lot of thanks to whoever who invented those. I'm beginning to enjoy them. Even though I don't have an internet connection I can type my blogs offline and anywhere I go. Using 920 text editor ( a geek text editor for codes), I can save my drafts then publish them to dropbox when I go online.

Er sorry, just in case you notice some typo error, it's just because of the difficulty of typing at the on-screen keyboard
This post was written around 11pm november 7.
What a tiring day I say. I would like to thank Brain for giving me crazy thoughts while writing this serious post and even giving me the idea to write this post that made it hard for me to sleep.

Thank you for reading, here’s a Llama for you. :)

Hey Llama
"Hey Llama!"


Jethro Sas said…
I guess everything we've done before is what makes us today. We should not regret about it because everything happens for a reason. If you did not do that, then you will never know what is right and what is wrong. Also, the experience is what makes it worthy.

Anyway, since I know my comment is a little bit late, I hope you are on your good situation now. Lets meet some other time to discuss everything about blogging tips and of course, our favorite topic, making money online. :D

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