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An Inspiring Video

For those guys who often stay at work late(like me) here is a nice video to watch.

Sorry if the title seems kinda cuss but I enjoyed the message and the way it was delivered. I hope it would also inspire you and help make work more productive to you :)

New Personal Website

I created a new personal website for promoting links of some articles or entries created in other websites. This is to increase the Google search traffic and also for sharing and promotion.

I used an installed wordpress hosted under . I just learned about hostinger from a friend and it seems to be a great hosting website since it offers a lot of features. I also included the plugin called Jetpack wordpress, a plugin that enables you to connect your self-hosted website into making it somewhat similar to premium

The theme used is similar to that of pinterest. I wanted it to be more into link sharing. The name of the pin is pinboard, and it is a very nice and responsive theme, which also has become one of my favorite themes now.

I hope if you have some time you can also visit it. You can use the link below if you like to see it.