Anything but Recaptcha

Whenever I fill up some forms, I am just one of those who easily get annoyed from Google ReCaptcha. I guess a lot of people also get annoyed from this. Before you can submit, you should be able to identify the two words indicated. Things get worse if you press enter and still you made a wrong guess. Sometimes the text also get a little cryptic like when other symbols (like Greek words or words you don't find in the dictionary appear). It used to be Captcha, guessing only one word until spambots seem to have outsmarted captchas to that's where ReCaptcha was made

But despite that I don't like it, I still manage to use it since it helped me block some spam users from signing up and sending comments to my website with the help of akismet anti-spam plugin.

But anyway that's a little guessing game to ensure your safety as well. And I guess it would be annoying if something else should be guessed.

Now I'm just kidding about the complex math problem, although there is also a basic math captha being used by other sites. 

The thing is, we wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't for spammers. Let's just hope someday we could find a better alternative in dealing with internet security.


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