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Malapit na yung valentines ah!.. may kadate ka na ba?...
Ako? Wala na akong pakialam dun... haha

The JS Prom Nightmare

Six young men in pain,
One night almost caused them to be insane.
For their love will they ever gain?
Because things aren't always the same.

Gian is the name of the first guy
In which he want to die.
I'll tell that later, don't ask me why,
He's dismayed by two girls, Elizabeth and Tashay.

A tall and smart guy Eric is,
Almost have gotten his most awaited bliss.
If it wasn't for his friend who interrupted his "Miss",
He should have gotten his last dance with a kiss.

Well, that's part of our hormone.
BTW, this is Tyrone
Who had a different situation
Which means the Prom Night was his satisfaction.

The prom night wasn't that wild
Just like our friend Roy who got wild
The prom night proved that he was no longer a child
However, his heart got exiled.

Anyone heard of a heartthrob heartbroken?
Well, this guy's name is Raymond N.
Who hadn't got a last dance a minute before eleven,
Too bad, she's already taken!

There's one young man named Alemars,
Whose house obtain…