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That was a day. I just bought a new notebook and a set of ballpen (Three different colors). I often lose a ballpen whenever I bring it to the office. As if somebody "eats" it when it gets borrowed. Oh enough of the grotesque thinking.

A notebook and 3 HBW ballpens.
I don't mind if it has a Name, Grade and Teacher
 stuff on the front page just give me something to write on

So this notebook is not a diary. Diaries don't contain draft writings and HTML tags. This is just for writing drafts for my blogs. You hear that? I'mma coming back to the writin' world. It seems that my interest to write again just switched.

So this is how I blog, I often write it down first on a paper before publishing online. It helps me do some revisions before publishing. I know some people who do this. Actually before blogging, I used to keep things written on my notebook or diary whatever you call it.

I also write my drafts on yellow papers.

an article draft in yellow paper

Well write now I'm inspired to do some write ups, putting back the good old days. I hope I can keep on posting now about some events here. END

Here is the draft of this post. Some parts have been slightly changed during encoding it here


Jethro Sas said…
I think we are on the same page/boat. I also apply that technique/method in blogging. I write first the soon-to-be blog post in my notebook and do some revisions. After that, I transfer my draft into my desktop notepad or word processing software (MS Word or LibreOffice Writer) and do another sets of edit. Checking grammar as well as spelling.

Anyway, writing is my passion just like what you feel to it, and I can't live without doing it.

Nice thoughts you have here my friend. Keep writing just like the old days. :)

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