Behind Spectacles - Time for a change

It's been a while since we made our last post. I realized I need to make a few changes on this blog site. First noticeably on our title which was The Jerminator before now changed to behind spectacles.. why the crappy name? We'll discuss that later after a few moments. Other changes also involve removal of ads like infolinks and chitika save for the google adsense bar on the right and opendrive link at the bottom. Added some twitter widget.. the new twitter widget seems pretty cool since you can post tweets on the widget like a guest book.

So why the Behind Spectacles thing?

When I look at the mirror, all I see is someone with glasses staring at me. It seems that I've been attached to these glasses for a while. I can't see well without it. I remove the glasses, I see a different person. Always trying to conceal himself behind spectacles, pretending to be strong, weak, lonely...

Aw come on, not that .
Although sometimes I still wonder maybe it's time I change a few things in my life.
Maybe I should start off from not being so lame. (Well that's a start). Eventually spend some time on things on a need to be strong at. 

I know, 

it's a lonely world out there,..





Embrace things I'm good at..

Sorry if today's posts seem pointless. There are just lot's of things running in my head today which are difficult to write down.. 
 Don't worry, I made this dragon to make things less boring


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