That does it. Right now I'm having some slight fever... It's my third day here in the office,, we were not allowed to go home yet.. (.. I'm stinking here)
Were on a deadline on our current project so we should stay until it's done. I think I'm getting sick.. or was this what Jonathan Harker in Dracula called, brain fever.. when you go sleepless and keep on using your head.. I don't even think I'm getting productive with this because I feel like I'm losing something or as if there's some sort of damage.  I also feel like my vision is getting blurred.. oh .. I hope they'd let us go home today.. I really need some sleep .. (and bath too :p)
But hey, it's part of the career anyway.. I just hope I could get home.. Maybe I'd be taking a rest tomorrow.. I'm feeling dizzy now.. I feel like my brain is swelling now..
That's all for now, happy blogging! :)


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