Resigning/Going Freelance?

At this point, I am currently in the stage of  going freelance. Although it gives me a lot of negative ideas. I don't know if I would be successful from this.
Well there is a lot of changes that would happen. Some are good and well there's always the negative part.
Although one of the good points is you have control on your career, more time at home, etc.

Why Resign?

Why bother? I've been bored.
It's not that I don't like the office (although I don't like it when it comes to project management... no offense ). I've also been bored. I've been seeing these portfolios. These people who 'invent' their own apps. And even well known lone programmers. Can't I also be like them? I love programming. In fact, I'd rather not to be in the management just to be programming.
But the daily routine is really boring. A rat race as they described. I am also fond of Robert Kiyosaki's books, somehow he explains some disadvantages of being an employee.
I also love to do other things like making podcasts, or video blogs, and maintaining a website. Something that regular employees find it hard to do without sacrificing their social life

What Keeps me from Resigning

  • Family Disapproval. Well I guess I can't blame parents. They would think you're going tambay. Well no parent would be proud when they supported you to school then see you not going to work. I also asked them. It is kinda envying for my part to know that other friends I know somehow are supported on their idea.

  • Fear of the Unknown. What lies ahead? I do not know. When we have a job, we feel secure. But one step to changing your career leads to a lot of risks. You don't even know what might occur. Although a lot of experts say there is no such thing as job security. You can lose your job anytime.

  • The Bills. I mean how can I pay the bills, or my sister's tuition fee. The national electric bill is constantly going up. Or how about my SSS pension and other fees, no more company to do the rest of the benefits.

So should I continue on? 

For the past few months I've purchased a laptop and other things I need like a pocket wifi broadband modem. I've been also collecting programming tutorials and feeding myself on some of them. Well probably the few things I'm missing is a network of referrals like what most consultants do.

A few weeks ago I read a quote from the internet.

Just don't give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don't think you can go wrong.
-Ella Fitzgerald

I found this inspiring. (I also learned that the person who quoted this was a great jazz singer. Which I also started listening to her songs.) I've read lots of articles saying don't go where you really want to, go what's in demand; go where the money is. But to someone like Ella Fitzgerald, I guess she really did something she loved to do and that's what made her successful.

I don't know what's coming after this. I can't really say. But if I do know everything what's coming, I bet life would be boring. I know I would have to face a lot of responsibilities on my decisions. All I need to do is believe in myself and focus on my goals.

“Our thoughts create our reality -- where we put our focus is the direction we tend to go.”

― Peter McWilliams


Jethro Sas said…
Hi Jereme,

Actually, I have been in your situation. And you know what, I'm also a fan of Robert Kiyosaki book entitled, Rich Dad Poor Dad. And that book changed my life.

But lets return first to the decision I made before. I resigned from my work and did some freelancing for 3 months at home. Unlucky, it did not work for me and I learned a lot (I'm not telling you that it would not work for you too, we are different individuals so go for it!). I also experienced things that make you worried and stop you from resigning. Parents despite they never say to us, secretly disapprove our decision for becoming a freelancer because they are not use to the idea of staying at home and working in front of our computer. But my advice is just talk to them and say that you will try if working at home is for you and give them a timeline/duration/deadline so they have an idea how long do you plan trying this out. Also, say ahead of time that you will resign not to be a tambay but experimenting things out. You will know along the way if being a freelance paid off. Just do all your best and see what will happen. Also, the future bills we have. I know you are giving money to your parents every month but if you have enough savings just to cover up all the expenses are good strategy. Even though, you give small amount as long as you continuously give that's still okay. Just make sure that before you resign, you should have clients already and build a portfolio to promote.

Anyway, I think my advice for you is very long and this space is not enough to say them all. Lets meet some other time to discuss all our concerns.

I will support you my friend! :)

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