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Resigning/Going Freelance?

At this point, I am currently in the stage of  going freelance. Although it gives me a lot of negative ideas. I don't know if I would be successful from this.
Well there is a lot of changes that would happen. Some are good and well there's always the negative part.
Although one of the good points is you have control on your career, more time at home, etc.

Why Resign? Why bother? I've been bored.
It's not that I don't like the office (although I don't like it when it comes to project management... no offense ). I've also been bored. I've been seeing these portfolios. These people who 'invent' their own apps. And even well known lone programmers. Can't I also be like them? I love programming. In fact, I'd rather not to be in the management just to be programming.
But the daily routine is really boring. A rat race as they described. I am also fond of Robert Kiyosaki's books, somehow he explains some disadvantages of being an employee.