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Opening the Box

I wont be mentioning the names of the characters, organization, and the products as well on this post(like what they did). I have no purpose to damage the reputation of any products or products I will be pertaining to. To those who I will be describing they know who they are and it would be up to them to tell you. This blog is Open for any comments and suggestions

Last September 23, 2010, I posted some messages on my groups page in facebook. The posts were criticisms to a certain kind of product that is currently being endorsed in the market. An alumnus of our school spotted my post and found it opposing to his ideology. (or did he take it as an insult for himself). He posted this long comment which contained his lengthy explanation.
However, the comment was deleted due to the manner of his post which seemed impolite and offensive. His comment started with the lines, “who’s the administrator of this group?” along with his explanations and insults ending with “Don’t pretend to know-it-…

Antitrust Intro (Hackers 3)