The Ultimate Program

There are times I have wondered, is the Ultimate Program possible happen? And if it does, how would this work.

When Albert Einstein discovered the formula for the Ulimate Energy, which we know as "Mass times the Speed of Light", there had been a change in histor. His discovery led to the destruction of two cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. An American scientist has said that the atomic bomb was man's greatest invention since the invention of firemaking*.(But as for me, I still prefer electricity because technology would not go this far without that and the atomic bomb did nothing good.)

Even in movies, they sometimes tell us some of the ultimate things in nature. An example of this is in the Perfume. Here in this movie, the main character discoveres the Ultimate Scent out of his murdered victims. The perfume was so powerful that it could mesmerize anyone who smells it.

So back to our program. Is this really possible to happen? And what would this program look like and how would it function?

Viruses are veru common today. It might be possible that this program could be a virus since it spreads easily like wildfire†. The proposal made by me and one of my classmates is that this program would be something that would controll the human mind. This sounds as evil as whats in the perfume, speads easily and controlls the mind. If someone so smart and evil would create a program like this, something that will run on any OS, destroying anyones will. Yes I know this concept is very evit but what if that really happens.

If you have any onther idea about this Ultimate Program thing, please post them here. This topic could be a bit startling...

* America's Old World Frontier, Thomas D. Clark
† hey, isn't that JAVA's on first issue on the newspaper? hope thay don't mind if I borrow this line


NeLviN said…
Having a thought of the Ultimate Program, I guess there's nothing more than what you think of. Anyone thinks of controlling people's minds. It's devilish somehow because it deprives someone to think freely. If the ultimate program will act as a virus, will there be an Ultimate Anti-Virus for this? Hehe. This is all I can say for now. I will think more about this further. It's intriguing.
jeremejazz said…
ah.. yeah,,, Ultimate things don't have to be used for evil purposes. Einstein didn't intend his formula for destruction.... Heared about the Elixir? During the middle ages, alchemists were trying to create this ultimate substance. It can cure any sickness. It was also believed that it can turn base metals into gold. Although this is very absurd, the Elixir is still used in RPGs as rare items.

So maybe if for good purposes, the Ultimate program might be an antivirus that would destroy any unwanted programs and heal corrupted files.

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