it can buy...
  • a house but not a Home

  • a clock but not the Time

  • a book but not Knowledge

  • position but not Respect

  • medicine but not health

  • blood but not Life

see? Money isn't everything.
And it offten causes

pain and suffering.

I tell you this because
I'm your friend, and

As your friend, I want to take
away your pain and suffering....

So send me all your money
and I will suffer for you,
Cash is file and I accept checks too!

Don't laugh, I' Serious!


manlalakbay said…
Haha! You made me laugh. I like this approach and the way you presented money. Good! ^_^
NeLviN said…
Yes... There are many things that money can't buy. Priceless. Does this have money-back guaranty?

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